Often identified as a “rising star” in the Republican party, Ayshia R.J. Connors is the all-star policy developer. Born and raised in Utah, Ayshia’s interest in government began while attending the University of Arizona, where she pursued a triple major in business communications, public policy and public service, and global politics.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2015, Ayshia quickly began making a name for herself across Washington and throughout the halls of Congress, crafting policy for several members, including Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT), Rob Woodall (R-GA) and Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) as a Senior Policy Advisor with responsibilities that cover Homeland Security Committee issues, defense, technology, telecommunications and internet, transportation and infrastructure and other major policy areas.

Ayshia prides herself in bringing forth meaningful legislative ideas and solutions that benefit the American people. This work ethic is often recognized by senior level officials from across the Republican party platform. In 2016, Ayshia served as the director of African-American engagement and media for the Republican National Committee (RNC), offering extensive outreach to African-American voters in battleground states while simultaneously assisting several congressional races nationwide. In addition to time served at the RNC, Ayshia served on the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) as deputy director of strategic media (spokeswoman), assisting the media with their messaging and coverage of the inauguration.

While serving communities across the United States from the halls of Congress, Ayshia selflessly commits time to several boards and committees including the New Solutions Advisory Board and 20/20 Leaders of America. She also serves as the president of the Black Republican Congressional Staff Association for both the House and Senate.

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