American Urban Solutions

Choice in Education–  Parents deserve every choice in education on the table to get their children the best education possible. Productive public schools, charter schools, private vouchers, digital education, and homeschooling options should all be available to parents. A proper education is the foundation for a productive future and changing the tide of Urban America.

The War on Drugs– Countless African American and Latino young men are killed and incarcerated every year for an illegal drug trade that if was made legal it would put a stop to the big business of building jails and law enforcement agencies to fight a war that can never be won. It would take away the reason to kill each other in the community over the drug trade and change an entire culture of music and movies that glorify drug dealing. It would force young men to find a career that won’t land them dead or in prison.

Churches– The churches in the community have to be more pro active in providing services and offering help to those in need. The church should have a better feel of exactly what the community needs, as opposed to the government. The church also has a moral responsibility to teach the community on the values of family, respect for others, helping others, and not be afraid to call out the sin and things that are destroying the community.

Financial Literacy– This comes with a better educated community, but the importance of financial literacy, planning, budgeting, saving, understanding financial stability, and the value of economic freedom is paramount to changing the path of generational poverty.

Self Accountability– Citizens in the urban center have to take ownership of the problems that plague the community and look within themselves to fix it. Every person has and accountability has to own up to this. Being involved with your kids, mentoring others, becoming the “village” again will strengthen communities.

The Value of Life– The African American population accounts for 13% of the population, but for over 40% of the abortions in America. Being better educated and better protected will cut down on unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. But the protection of the unborn has to be better in the community. Quite simply, a generation of children have been lost to abortion, there are other options including adoption, parenting classes and mentoring, that have to be better presented to protect the sanctity of life. The value of life must also be stressed to preserve the lives of our young people who are dying everyday in urban communities.

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